The best film soundtrack ever? The Harder They Come

With less than a fortnight to go until we show The Harder They Come Upstairs at the Ritzy on Saturday 14th April I thought now would be a good time to throw the spotlight on perhaps the most fondly remembered aspect of that film, namely it’s soundtrack. Following in the footsteps of earlier pop musicians … Continue reading

Roots of Reggae presents: The Harder They Come

Last month I told you about our plans to base the next Roots of Reggae event around the screening of a Reggae film. I’m pleased to say we received a lot of interest in the idea, both online and when speaking to people when I’ve been out and about. I threw open the choice of … Continue reading

[Insert the name of your favourite Ska track here]

I am pleased to say the Heritage of Ska launch party which I have been supporting went ahead on Friday and was a great success. I’ve posted a few videos of performances from the night on our Heritage of Ska Facebook page and will be posting photos from the night later this week, just as … Continue reading

Celebrate the Heritage of Ska in Brixton this Friday

Friday 9th March 2012 is going to go down in history as an important date in the musical history of London. And the reason for this is not because Californian jazz-funk veterans Tower of Power are playing Ronnie Scott’s. Don’t get me wrong, I like a bit of jazz-funk as much as the next man, … Continue reading

Reggae On The Silver Screen: Vote For Your Favourite Film

As promised last time, here is the second instalment of this week’s Roots of Reggae ‘double blog special’. To paraphrase Alexander Armstrong from the quiz show Pointless, now things are going to get even more exciting as we head into part two. UnLtd offer only limited support for Roots of Reggae Before I go any … Continue reading

The Real Kool Keith and Forest Hilll’s Hidden Reggae Roots

I had originally intended to use this week’s post simply to update you on a couple of recent developments with Roots of Reggae as well as the Heritage of Ska Festival I am supporting. However, a most unexpected occurrence in one of my day job projects for thinkpublic has meant that a project visit to … Continue reading

Easy Skanking with Roy Gunter and The JRZs

It’s been another busy week for Roots of Reggae. Since my last post I’ve continuing to work with Michael Arkk to develop the Heritage of Ska Festival in collaboration with Roots of Reggae. I’m pleased to say that’s been going well. I’ve also managed to find the time to get along to David Katz’ monthly … Continue reading

Roots of Reggae and Heritage of Ska hit Brixton

In my last post I told you how I’d been contacted by Michael Arkk, the organiser behind Heritage of Ska festival, with a view to Roots of Reggae being involved in developing the event. I’m pleased to say talks with Michael have been going well and it looks like I will be working with him … Continue reading

Roots of Reggae: keep on dubbing

In true New Year’s Resolution-style, I thought I would write this post today and not tomorrow so that I can say I’ve kept the promise I made to myself to blog more regularly on all things Roots of Reggae-related.  From a distance at least three new posts in January looks a lot better than two … Continue reading

One Step Forward: Roots of Reggae in 2012

It’s hard to believe that we’re now more than half way through January already. For many that may well be a good thing. After all, the consequences of Christmas over-indulgence and Christmas credit card-inspired financial pain, together with the seasonal self-denial that New Year’s Resolution can conspire to make January a bit of a grind. … Continue reading